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      1. Bett Academy

        Bett Academy

        CPD sessions for you

        The Bett Academy is our monthly series of CPD sessions for educators. Accredited and certified by Bett and CPDUK, these tutorials are streamed live at the end of the month. The Bett Academy is free to attend and CPD certificates are available for download at the end of each session.

        Register for our upcoming Bett Academy here and don't forget to catch-up on all our previous sessions too (link below). 


        Cultivating Successful Teaching and Learning Through Collaborative Coaching


        Thursday 14 October 2021

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        Re-watch our Bett Academy, in collaboration with Microsoft Education, ffrom Thursday 14 October and learn how to keep the momentum of digital education?moving forward through impactful coaching that improves instructional practices and maximises student success - whether instruction is in-person, remote, or hybrid. 

        Dr Julene Reed shares success factors that can elevate your instructional coaching programme - and digital tools to support the journey. Through collaborative partnerships between site leaders, administrators, and educators, instructional coaches can implement conversations and best practices that promote a culture of innovation, cultural relevancy, and distributed leadership - and transform teaching and learning! 




        Dr Julene Reed

        Professor and Independent Consultant, United States

        Dr. Julene Reed is an international consultant, researcher, speaker, and educator. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator/Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, and a Google for Education Certified Trainer/Innovator. She’s also an Advisory Council member of Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots. In her work, Julene has partnered with Digital Promise Global, UNHDR, CARE, InZone, UNICEF, VSO, INEE, and UNESCO as well as Microsoft, Program 11, Digital Promise, Apple, Google, and Verizon Innovative Learning.


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        Past Bett Academies

        You can discover all of our previous CPD sessions over on our Community Hub, where you can learn about safeguarding, Microsoft Teams and teaching and leading primary computing.


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