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      1. Bett Recommends

        Bett Recommends

        Not-to-be-missed industry events, seminars and workshops

        October / November

        Purposefully curated by the Bett Team, Bett Recommends highlights some of the biggest not-to-be-missed dates on this month's education calendar. Follow the various links for more information - you never know what you might find!

        LearnED: our top-pick of the month!

        LearnED Roadshow

        LearnED Roadshow

        17 September 2021 - 24 March 2022


        Supported by the Department for Education and led by the British Educational Suppliers Association, the free to attend LearnED Roadshow will help senior school leaders navigate their way through post-lockdown learning and shape educational technology strategy. 

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        THE Climate Impact Forum

        THE Climate Impact Forum

        28 October 2021

        Times Higher Education

        In collaboration with the UN Environment Programme, THE will convene a new discussion with government ministers, education leaders, industry investors and leading youth voices to identify, share, challenge and inspire the higher education sector to take a more significant role in accelerating the socio-economic transformation required to achieve net zero.

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        Education in the Primary sector

        Education in the Primary sector

        On Demand


        Watch ReallySchool’s panel of experts (a National Leader of Education, KS1 Learning and Teaching Manager, Primary Software Developer, and a Primary and Secondary Computing Lead) as they discuss education in the Primary sector – Looking forward and reflecting back.

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