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      1. Bett Articles

        Bett Articles

        • Connectivity is the backbone to ensuring equality of access to education

          19 Mar 2021 Written by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Co-founder Rosemary Leith, World Wide Web Foundation
          Who better to illustrate point four of the Global Education Council Manifesto for Education than Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Web Foundation Co-founder Rosemary Leith.
        • An unsuspecting catalyst for much needed change

          19 Mar 2021 Written by Michelle Thomas, Director of Education, SRS
          Michelle Thomas from SRS explores how her school ensured that digital technology is a central consideration in all areas of curriculum and assessment delivery.
        • Compassionate Systems Framework: Supporting community wellbeing at Dulwich College (Singapore)

          19 Mar 2021 Written by Jacob Martin, Dulwich College (Singapore)
          In this article Dulwich College (Singapore) explain how their focus on community wellbeing won them the ISC Research Ethical Values Education Award 2020.
        • From physical to virtual learning: The new test of quality for universities

          16 Mar 2021 By?Simon Wilson,?CTO, UK and Ireland, Aruba
          Going to university has for the most part been looked at as an exciting new adventure. Yet like so many things it has become a point of anxiety for many due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ?Whereas before s ...
        • During the COVID-19 lockdown, Bryanston School had to start the new term with no students!?
        • Introducing TeacherSuitability: Selecting tomorrow's teachers

          12 Mar 2021 Written by Liz Maxwell and Rob Klassen, Teacher Selection
          The founders of the Teacher Selection Project explain their approach to recruitment and retention in a tumultuous time.
        • The acceleration of hybrid learning for higher-ed students and faculty

          12 Mar 2021 Written by Barbara Holzapfel, Microsoft Education
          As higher education leaders work with instructional designers and professors to reimagine courses and fine-tune pedagogy, students and faculty agree that the pandemic has transformed education
        • Seven top tips for supporting student wellbeing on and offline

          12 Mar 2021 Written by Nathalie Richards, EduKit
          The unprecedented and devastating effects of the global pandemic will be both long-lasting and difficult to resolve. Even once the health emergency and economic turmoil have passed, the damage to the ...
        • BettFest: a celebration of global education online

          10 Mar 2021 Sarah Marshall, Global Head of Content, Bett
          BettFest brought together?the global education community for three days of inspiration, professional development and product discovery.
        • The GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice: Eric C Abrams

          05 Mar 2021 Written by Eric C Abrams, Stanford University Graduate School of Education
          We must support vulnerable children and communities who do not have equitable access to education to reduce the widening equity gap.
        • Watch back our panel of expert speakers from BESA and DIT to help decode the challenges and opportunities for international companies when exploring educational institutes, partners and investors from ...
        • Into Film: Filmmaking Feature

          26 Feb 2021 Written by: Into Film Blog Team
          Into Film is a charity that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people, and engages with over half of UK schools.
        • As the world changes, why isn't assessment keeping up?

          26 Feb 2021 Written by Stefanie Leong, Asia-Pacific International Baccalaureate Organization
          Innovation continues to dominate education technology in almost every area except one. Why are examinations and assessments being left out of the ongoing progress of change?
        • How Staff Wellbeing is the key to a Successful School

          26 Feb 2021 Written by Kerry Hill, Eyres Monsell Primary School
          ?In this article we hear from Kerry Hill, who has embedded mental health and wellbeing as a golden thread throughout her school.
        • Gain an understanding of how Computing at School supports primary teachers along with how the materials from Barefoot Computing support teachers with teaching computing through unplugged methods with ...
        • This episode is all about?leadership?and is a timely reflection on how we communicate a shared vision during radically changing times. We discuss how leadership is all about people and how you don’t h ...

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