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      1. Bett Articles

        Bett Articles

        • Keeping a virtual focus on wellbeing

          03 May 2021 Written by Frances Frazer, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)
          The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) break down the virtual newsroom initiative which won them the ISC Research wellbeing award this year.
        • Take a Stand

          02 May 2021 Written by Kevin Simpson, Founder of KDSL Global and AIELOC
          Kevin Simpson explains why it is time for the education sector to take a stand in supporting black voices.
        • SWGfL Donate Reputation Alerts and Whisper To All Schools

          02 May 2021 Written by SWGfL Blog Team
          In response to the January 2021 lockdown measures, SWGfL?are offering support to schools and the wider community by offering two of their products free of charge whilst restrictions are in place.
        • Lessons will be learned: Transforming safeguarding in education

          29 Apr 2021 Written by Martin Baker and Mike Glanville
          One Team Logic join us on the hub to discuss their new book which sets out how school and college staff can manage complex safeguarding responsibilities.
        • Students as Assistive Technology Experts: The Technology Advocate role at Barton Peveril

          29 Apr 2021 Written by Laura Stephens, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
          Laura Stephens joins us on the Bett Community Hub to discuss her college’s approach to student technology advocates.
        • The GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice: Jose Papa

          23 Apr 2021 Jose Papa, Chairman, Bett Global Education Council
          Schools are communities not just buildings or processes
        • I want you to panic!

          22 Apr 2021 Written by Melanie Harwood, eduCCate Global
          In a special Earth Day article, Melanie Harwood breaks down the importance of teaching climate action.
        • Delivering data for a COVID-19 safe campus for the University of Cambridge

          19 Apr 2021 Written by Farhad Ghoreishi, Aruba Marketing, EMEA
          As vaccination programmes roll out across the world and the collective anticipation of a sense of normalcy returns, thousands of students will be looking forward to returning to their respective campu ...
        • What is the future of work and learning?

          16 Apr 2021 Written by Joysy John, 01Founders
          Joysy John joins us on the Bett Community Hub to share her thoughts on the future of work and learning.
        • The GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice: Cl'udia Costin and Mark Sparvell

          09 Apr 2021 Written by Cláudia Costin, Getulio Vargas Foundation & Mark Sparvell, Microsoft
          As part of our ‘GEC Manifesto for Education in Practice’ article series, Cláudia Costin and Mark Sparvell explore the manifesto point: Universal access to technology should be part of every child’s ri ...
        • In this session, expert Mark Sparvell (Microsoft) shares WHAT Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is and WHY it is now fundamental and not ornamental, by addressing and introducing 7 amazing educators wit ...
        • Excel Good, Tik-Tok Bad: Is All Screen Time Created Equal?

          01 Apr 2021 Written by John Jones, The RGS Worcester Family of Schools
          In this article John Jones dives into the positives and negatives of screen time, and how we can all better manage our interactions with technology.
        • This episode is all about?learner wellbeing, and we are covering how to define and measure wellbeing in the context of developing and using impactful edtech to support learner wellbeing and, therefore ...
        • International schools impacted by staff and student wellbeing during COVID-19

          26 Mar 2021 Written by Anne Keeling, ISC Research
          ISC Research, which tracks the world’s international schools, has released a new report of research into how the wellbeing of students and staff at international schools has been affected by COVID-19.
        • Don't let schooling interfere with your education

          26 Mar 2021 Written by Rhoda Pierpoint, Rivers CofE Academy Trust
          In this article Rhoda explains her tactics to keeping parents and carers engaged in their child’s education during challenging times.
        • Leading schools remotely: the principles of successful virtual meetings

          26 Mar 2021 Written by Dr Terry McAdams, Branksome Hall Asia
          Dr Terry McAdams explains how you can create high-quality virtual meetings in order to innovate quickly, adapt to rapid changes, and solve problems more effectively.

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